Alaska, The Pacific, Cape Horn to Brasil

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  1. StarGazer NH says:

    Matt!! Absolutely Beautiful Shots. Especially I will assume the growth on your boat?? That’s what one may call “A Real Kodak Moment”. Hope all is well and Happy Winds back.. Robin and Linda

  2. Chris says:

    Is that a Clevland Browns shirt I spy on the captain?

  3. Ken Purcell says:

    I was just thinking Matt – you might have started the very first ‘Race around the Americas’! I hope to get my stuff together to be able to do the same. Keep up the good spirits Matt.

  4. mike brady says:

    good to know the browns have backers all over the world. go matt!

  5. tusa says:

    handsome photo!

  6. Steve Birch says:

    Well done Matt, still following your fantastic progress. Keep it up all us UK Vega owners are so very proud of you and your team… Fair winds and tides..

    Steve birch (Vega Association of Great Britain)

  7. Liz Odea says:

    I’m sitting here watching your progress with your Aunt Amy. You definitely have made us and all America proud! It is your determination that proves you are an extraordinary human being! God Bless and Godspeed your way home!
    Liz Odea and Amy Sinclair

  8. Riley/student of Mrs.Mac says:

    The sky is sooo pretty! 8)

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