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  1. ART SAVAGE says:

    Matt: We (I am a C.R.A.B.skipper and Board Member) are going full out
    to get you and the trip media exposure and recognition. Stay tuned. Art.

  2. Don Backe says:

    Matt —
    It was great to get your call when all of CRAB;s staff was in the office, all three of us, Anastasia, Karl and myself (that;s for the public that might not know). You sound strong and in good spirits as you enter the scary seas preceding Cape Horn.

    You have many friends here in Annapolis praying for you, wishing you luck and crossing fingers depending on their beliefs but the point is that we have faith in your resolve, your guts and capabilities. We all are aware of the mighty power of Mother Nature and the fact that she has destroyed some of the best funded, “unsinkable” vessels. I think often of Robert Manry’s Tinkerbell (the 13 1/2 footer Old Town which crossed the Atlantic solo in the 50s) and Ann Davidson’s (the first woman to sail alone across the Atlantic) words: “My ship is so small and your seas so great…” She was quoting someone else whom I can’t recall, but the combination of humbleness and daring in those two first-time adventurers remind me of your venture and I pray that your lack of arrogance will assure the kindness of the Great Mother herself .

    Lin and Larry Pardey, the greatest Round the World couple of all, are aware of your voyage and they helped CRAB raise funds this past October. I spoke to Lin just last week and I noted that they were much closer to you than we were since she was calling from New Zealand. I am reminded by that NZ call that your following is International and that one of your modern assists also comes from New Zealand, notably, Their capability of giving you short term weather reports on a regular immediate three day bits have proved immensely valuable to you and is one more twenty first century accessory you are using that earlier voyagers never had.

    Another International interest sign occurred last week when a lady in the UK emailed me to tell me that her efforts to send money via our credit card website was not working. She was determined to send a modest amount and would like us to know she was being thwarted. Things were worked out and I am reminded that the world is watching you as you make THAT GREAT LEFT TURN, the rounding Cape Horn from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

    Thanks also, Matt, for giving your progress in days, nautical miles and Latitude — it helps us chart and maps junkies.

    Fair winds and (small) fo;;owing seas, Don

  3. Angela says:

    Beautiful photos. Did you do any star charting?

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