Difficult Times at Sea

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  1. Vlad and Hana says:

    Hey Matt, we have been watching you for while now, we wish you good luck buddy! You doing great job, see you back in marina in Annapolis…

  2. Karl & Paula says:

    We just finished reading a column on your adventure in the Seattle Times. Can’t imagine that much solitude. Let alone facing the power of Mother Ocean solo. We’ll gladly donate to CRAB for such a Herculean effort. Inspiring. Godspeed and safe home. We are rooting for you

  3. Jim Anderson says:

    Hello Matt,

    Today the Seattle Times published a large article about your adventure on the third page. What a great adventure!
    I am a sailor here in Puget Sound. Your stories, blog, and pictures make we want to get out into the blue water. I have aWauquiez Gladiateur 33′ sloop. I will donate to CRAB in your honor.

    Good winds for the rest of your journey!

    Jim Anderson ‘JACO’ Kirkland WA

  4. JR Johnson says:


    Looks like the Seattle Times -and the Washington Post- have got you some good pub. I am most inspired by your humbled approach to doing something “bigger than yourself.” It is what we should all aspire to do. I have put the word out to me Chesapeake friends to donate. And I will do the same. God bless your final leg of an epic journey.

    JR Johnson, Bellingham, WA

  5. Clark Hoyt says:

    I just read about your journey and was so impressed with your fortitude and courage! You are in our prayers every night. I have done a little sailing along the pacific coast with my brother but nothing like this voyage. I have also chartered boats and understand how the unexpected seems to occur all too often. To your safe return Home! We will send a donation to crab in your honor.

  6. Susan Malinosky says:

    Hey Matt,
    It is Susan, here in Ellensburg. I continue to read with fascination and awe your trip and its trials and tribulations. I look forward to hearing of your safe return. God is good. Carry on!! S.

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