Video Available of Matt’s Homecoming + Contact Information

Thanks to Donald Fletcher and you can check out the video feed from Matt’s homecoming split up into easy to view videos on Matt’s YouTube Channel

Press or other inquires, please contact Rachel Rutherford (330-907-6044).

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2 Responses to Video Available of Matt’s Homecoming + Contact Information

  1. kate says:

    Many thanks….it beats what I tried to capture!

    • Carol Mosier says:

      I filmed Matt’s welcome home with my video camera directly from the livestream coverage (which wasn’t very clear to start with), and while they were honoring him with awards (under the tent) it was really hard to make him out. Being the only one with that unique hat, helped find him in a crowd. There were several times when the screen said “Offline” . . . but I kept watching, and the streaming picked up again. This happened several times, until, finally, a guy poked his head in front of the camera . . . from the right-hand side, saying that they were now through with the live stream. Some of the extra was not really meant to be shown. At any rate, it’s nice to have this sharper version of the event!!

      Carol Florida U.S.A.

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