Upcoming Resupply, Matt needs your help

Unfortunately it looks all the equipment breakdowns that Matt has been dealing with will require a special resupply mission. Matt is almost without anyway to generate power right now, and the methods that he does have won’t last the whole way home.

Simon Edwards is currently planning a resupply out of Recife, Brasil scheduled within a week or so. If you have any ability to help out Matt with a small donation for the new parts it would be very much appreciated. If you can, please click the Donate to CRAB button to the right and contribute what you can – every little bit helps!

Thank you!
Web Admin Mike

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  1. Mike, there should be a number of cruisers in Salvador de Bahia in Brazil because they congregate there for Mardi Gras. Here is the noon site info http://www.noonsite.com/Countries/Brazil/SalvadordeBahia
    I would suggest you try contact the port captain and have him put a call to the cruisers on the VHF. What Matt needs is a trailing generator log and cold beer. And the cruisers might be able to rendez vous with him on their way north. The other port where I stopped and others do on the way from St. Helena northward is the Paraiba river, near João Pessoa just below Recife. Hope this helps.

  2. StarGazer NH says:

    Mike! Sorry I tried to send money but your “online ATM” is F****D. Please add $10.00 as a donation to his trip and bill me. Best to you matt Robin and Linda

    • simon edwards says:

      My sister had the same problem a few weeks ago and spent many hours trying to donate from London, I don’t know what the problem was but it should be corrected!

    • Mom/Marlowe says:

      We just made two donations on the Donate to Matt’s Challenge on the CRAB website. We were able to make the donations using AMEX and MasterCard. Please be patient, the online donation form is a little fussy, but it worked with only one extra attempt. Thank you, everyone!

  3. Bill says:

    Hi Matt and Support Team,

    My donation went thru w/out problems (once I remembered how to type) – at least the beer part of the mission is now covered!

    Good luck w/the resupply effort and all of you be safe.

    Keep us posted and keep your bow pointed towards home!

  4. Toretheviking .... says:

    ” ALL HANDS ON DECK”!…..I assume.
    See you Friday (24th) with some $ BILLS I ‘owe’ you good folks at CRAB.
    Matt; Hang in there ‘trooper-brother’. Leif Erikson tells me help is on the way. The Viking Spirit is alive – and – well. The Irish and the ‘Vikes’ are soul mates and of the same timber stock – remember.

  5. StarGazer NH says:

    Matt! Hope all is well..and God speed. I found that the $25.00 donation worked fine then tried $10.00 and it failed… So I sent 25 to ya! Mr. Simon Edwards Please.. update us/readers ASAP on your progress and what you plans are. We are needing no dieing for some details of the mission your taking. Also, please let us know if your in contact! Thanks Robin & Linda StarGazer NH

  6. Aunt Paula and ALL of us ! says:

    His Mich. Aunt & Uncle just jumped on board (wish we really could!). Not a single issue with the website while helping out the cause!

    Let’s bring him home — and bring him home safely !!

    (Extra prayers going up tonight!!)

  7. Hi Matt! The MacGyver of the Seas !

    I conveyed your message to the following blogs :


    I think it might be a good idea if your friends do the same with respect to other blogs.

    Oh, and I quoted you on my blog again.

    Look !


    Courage to fight, friend, and good winds

    Fernando Costa, from Cabo Frio, Brazil

  8. Philip & Sharon says:

    Our donation to the resupply effort went through without any difficulty. We encourage everyone to contribute to help Matt achieve a successful circumnavigation of the Americas. What he is doing is fantastic to say the least. Matt needs a water maker and a means to generate electricity. Let’s all come together and make it possible.

  9. Molly says:

    My donation went through without a hitch – so happy to be able to help in such a small way, as I’ve so enjoyed following Matt’s progress these past few months. Best of luck!

  10. Meredith Higgins says:

    Oh Thank goodness. After reading Matt’s recent blog, I was worried. Glad you are arranging the resupply trip. My donation just went through.
    After learning about Matt in the Washington Post, I have been telling friends and relatives that I have a new friend, he just doesn’t know it yet.
    Sail on Matt, there are many people sending thoughts for safety and success.

  11. Donation is in Mike! Hope it helps with the mechanical issues.


  12. Duane says:

    Well, I just donated $250. I know that everyone is doing what they can and please continue to do so because the equipment is VERY expensive. When we helped in Alaska just the water purifier was $1800.00! I hope they can get some sort of power generation for him.

  13. Alison Spinney says:

    i also had problems making a contribution, but i sent a note to the Network for good support, and they said the problem was because my computer and I are on our boat in Barcelona, Spain, but my billing address is in Virginia. They did SOMETHING to clear the way for me to try again…. and happily it worked. so, if you’re having problems, send a note to the support@ address given on the pay website.

  14. Steve Birch says:

    The Vega Association of Great Britain will be having their AGM tomorrow and I intend to harrnague everyone to get their hands in their pockets and donate. As a club we also hope to make a substantial donation. Keep going Matt, we are all behind you here in the UK.. Fair winds and Tides

    • Tom says:

      Steve …
      I tried to send msgs/ to the Dutch, German, Danes etc … don’t know if I got thru … if you have better comms pls forward notes as well (and I’ll bet you already have!) Best regards,
      Tom Rose
      V1690 Griffin Poulsbo, WA USA
      I’ll write you seperately about window replacements …

  15. simon edwards says:

    I am going to fwd these posts to matthew to remind him of his great support..
    meanwhile, things are looking good in Recife, despite the short notice. A problem has been the fact that unlike before where we cld mail stuff, packages to Brasil would be held for a while for clearance, so we are trying to get it locally. The starter motor, while available, may not help, as Matt can’t get the access to get the old one out( despite removing the floor of the cockpit!). Might send one anyway with some saws and tools.
    there is a manual start on the engine, and although there is no handle on board, Marcos in Brazil has found a friend with one and is having one made up which will serve to give Matt some exercise, as well as ( hopefully) start the blessed engine and give him some juice so he can keep getting weather and keep us in the loop.
    A new bilge pump will relieve him too, from the continuous bailing, which must be getting old. He has no lights on board. All his interior lights failed suddenly a while ago, the in the past 5 days, six flashlights and his trusted headlamp died! . His night light when has needed one has been a Zippo lighter. the extra water should relieve his anxiety about the watermaker issue, he should have enough to get home plus what he makes, diesel for the engine WHEN it starts. Some books to enjoy on his last few miles.
    5200 and u/w epoxy for some of the leaks… you have to love this guy!!

    • Philip & Sharon says:

      How about some replacement solar panels, so that he has a back up in case the engine situation does not improve, or fails again?

  16. Toretheviking .... says:

    God bless all off you guys who are rising to the occassion !! Simon and Marcos and the rest of you angels. Kind thoughts, fervent prayers and a ” couple of bucks” from the rest of us …. Cheers to YOU – Matt !

  17. Alex M says:

    Hope my contribution will help Matt to continue his remarkable trip.
    Best of luck !
    Alex M

  18. Karol Harlan says:

    My contribution went through without a hitch. Hoping and praying there will be enough to provide all the necessities for the successful continuance of your record-breaking voyage. God bless and protect you and your faithful little sailboat.
    Special gratitude goes out to those of you who are contributing and those special persons who are on the rescue mission with parts and supplies.

    Karol Harlan

  19. Bart & Siets says:

    Matt, we just read about your amazing circumnavigation. Fair winds to you and hope the resupply works out ok!


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  21. Takeshi Tanaka says:

    Hold the tiller tight. Matt

    Small donation from Yokohama Japan

  22. Debby says:

    I’ve been following your amazing journey from almost the beginning. Hoping our contributions will obtain the items you need to continue and complete your trip. Prayers are with you and St. Brendan to be safe. Looking forward to the day we hear you are entering the Chesapeake!

  23. John Kinsella says:

    I’ve made a small donation via the web site.

    Just a note re starting – I can manually start my Albin Vega’s old MD6A engine (same as Matt I think) by decompressing the engine and using the starting handle.

    Attaching a cord to the decompression lever and passing the cord through a turning block above alternator (starboard side of engine) and forward allows the compression lever to be dropped (so engine can start) with risk of catching fingers…

    But I’m sure Matt will have thought of this…


    • simon edwards says:

      He has a hand start on his volvo 2002, but no handle….
      That is one of the items we are getting to him to try and solve this once and for all.
      None are available at any Volvo dealer in Brazil, but they have found a boat with one that they are going to use as a pattern and make one!

      • Victor (Mr. NWP) says:

        I have sent my concerns to Don on 22nd to no avail. Some fixes for his wind generator are needed, extra fuel in amount of at least 15 gal. as he will be at sea for another 2 months. His alternator is cranky. Hauling generator in water is not good with his speeds.
        May be some parts for water maker will be required, don’t know make. He is already under 2 kn South Brazilian Current and leaving the area with light winds will be the problem. Have new ICOM VHF radio for him but its impossible to get to him now.
        He will need one as traffic will increase as he goes north.

        • simon edwards says:

          If you have read these postings you will see whats going on
          Don has been unwell for a while, but is doing much better now.

          • Marlowe/Mom says:

            After reading Victor’s post, I am wondering if it might be wise to consider two resupply missions: one now for the handle, fuel, and anything else possible, and a second somewhere else where Matt can get the ICOM VHF radio that Victor is offering?
            Also, Simon, several family members think Matt might wear a size 10 and a half shoe.
            I, too, am concerned about Matt and no power in light wind with the currents.

          • simon edwards says:

            There will only be this resupply, I have his VHF on the list along with the other stuff he needs, Matt isn’t going to stop again unless he absolutely has no choice. I am hoping to see him somewhere between 18N and the Chesapeake when I bring a boat back from the Islands. He will be in good shape within three or four days and back on course for home.
            Brazil is a big yachting country and they have what he needs..

  24. Just forwarded a $250 donation to you to help with the resupply effort. Although I’m not a sailor, I have been fascinated and inspired to watch Matt on this incredible voyage. Such courage and fortitude!

    And now I’m holding my breath as I see him aiming directly at Recife and, hopefully, a successful resupply rendezvous.

    Godspeed, Matt. You’re an inspiration to many, many people.

    Larry Johnson
    Beaverton, OR

  25. Barry Considine says:

    Hey Matt, hang in there. I don’t know if you have heard but we’re assembling a team to get the word out on the Internet about your plight. Anastasia contacted me Friday night and I’m on board. It begins now with a post to my Facebook page to ask my friends to pitch in some bucks to help you buy new parts. We’re all really looking forward to your safe return.

    • Hugh Kelly says:

      What a great idea Barry about posting on your Facebook page – Just updated mine with a post about Matt and needing our help. Kindest regards, Hugh

    • Carol Mosier says:

      I posted two websites on my facebook page also, Barry . . . thanks for the great idea! Hope it gets some additional donations, for his resupply and for C.R.A.B . . . and, also bring attention to this amazing “Solo Aound the America’s” voyage that Matt is on the last leg of !!

      He’s a champion and hero to many of us, and we’re pulling for him, and praying for him!! I know we’re all so proud of what he’s accomplished and we wish him Godspeed for the remainder of his voyage!!!

      Thank you to all those who have been so very supportive in so many ways!!

      Carol Florida U.S.A.

      * * * * * * * *

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  27. Mom/Marlowe says:


    • simon edwards says:

      Don’t mention it….I am just glad he didn’t sneak a visit to South Georgia!!

      • Mom/Marlowe says:

        Me, too! It would have been so like him! And, our scientist friends who spent time in Antarctica this “summer” season, said that the weather in Antarctica was horrible!

        • Mom/Marlowe says:

          Can we ask the Brazilians to bring a camera so Matt can take pictures and hand it back to them; I am thinking they could send Mike the pics? Example: good shots of the inside of the boat, Matt, etc. Do you know if Matt’s camera is dead, too?

  28. Ralph in Silver Spring says:

    Many thanks to those doing the heavy lifting for giving the rest of us a way to be part of this great adventure. You should have two contributions from me on the web site in the last week. Best wishes, Matt, from one of your many new fans! Cheers.


  29. Hugh Kelly says:

    Simon – Let me know if you come up short with anything Matt needs (I’m thinking a replacement bilge pump would be nice also – to end those 5 hour wake-up calls). You have my email address. My offer to resupply off Frying Pan Shoals stands (no matter how far offshore Matt ends up off shore). I just know he is going to make it!

    • simon edwards says:

      Thanks Hugh, I will be out there myself first 2 weeks of April. Lets hope the weather is in his favour.. Bilge pumps are heading his way..

  30. Beth Armstrong says:

    Sent a donation and prayers for safe and successful completion of this amazing journey!

  31. Tim says:

    Just donated. Godspeed Matt!

  32. Ariel says:

    Unsuccessful with donating via AmEx, but switching to MasterCard worked!

  33. Neil Lundell says:

    I figured I wanted to be a first mate so I sent the 250.00 the site loves master cards. What about a cheap gen set and a battery charger you could just send some gas and he could power up.

    • Duane says:

      Good on ya first mate!
      It is refreshing to see such an outpouring of support for Matt! This has got to put new wind in his sails.

  34. simon says:

    Matt and Marcos are in contact…..and everything is in order.

    • Aunt Paula and ALL of us ! says:

      YAY !!! And thank God ! And thank YOU Simon. Hope I have the opportunity to meet you my next trip to Annapolis. What a mighty friend & mentor you’ve been to Matt. And lately – a “guardian angel”!

  35. Stephen S says:

    I am sending both $ and very positive thoughts. Matt, what you are doing is an act of unbelievable bravery.

  36. bob dawson says:

    will pray your resupplied soon have alot of respect for what your doing.hope to see u sail into annapolis. bob in west river

  37. Ron says:

    Hi Simon,

    So glad to hear everything is coming together so well. Looks like the resupply will take place today.

    Was Marcos able to get evrything Matt needed? And will the transfer of supplies take place out in open water, or just inside the outer harbor breakwall? Just curious.

    Great effort by all. All the best.

  38. Meredith Higgins says:

    Sitting here in Silver Spring, waiting for the daffodils to bloom, my thoughts keep going to the little map with the red dot that represents Matt approaching Recife.
    Just one more of many looking forward to reading that the re-supply is completed and Matt is on his way to Annapolis.

  39. Dave D says:

    I was able to send a donation thru. I’m watching daily (sometimes more often) to see how close he is to Recife, presuming that he’ll get his power in the next day or two. I spent all day Sunday reading back posts, just having learned about his adventure. We should start planning a greeting flotilla to accompany the last few miles of his trip. He deserves fireworks and a huge welcome, AFTER a hot shower.

  40. Bill Kinne says:

    I too worry for Matt, but not for the same reasons as his mom, friends and total strangers. I’ve read his web entries and I don’t hear him calling for help; just thinking out loud and we’re eavesdropping. The urge to help such a courageous guy, in any way we can, seems almost irrisistable to most of us. My worry is that having come this far alone and unassisted, to be bailed out at the last by mom, friends, etc. may diminish his accomplishment in his own eyes on reflection. “There are no limits to what can be accomplished in life” his web site touts. Well, you CAN get from point A to point B in a sailboat without electricity or an engine and he does not seem to be in mortal danger. So, I say let him accomplish what he set out to do, unassisted. I have no doubt at all that this guy can pull it off, and should be allowed to, for his sake.

    • Ron says:

      Thanks Bill, your comments are timely, and respectful to all concerned. The last thing Matt needs now is the additional pressure of deciding how much assistance to accept or reject and wonder if he has somewhat failed or offended. Moderation and caution should be our watch words.

  41. Ron Hetherington says:

    Hey Matt,
    More positive vibs coming your way from Denver. I hope I will be Annapolis to be a part of your triumphant return. Your journey has been inspirational for me.
    All the best,
    s/v “Joy”

  42. Nancy Fineberg says:

    Hi Matt- We are in awe of your voyage and wish you all success in your stopover in Brazil. We live in Annapolis and want to be there when you sail back to your home town.

    PS Our donation went through with no problems; hoping you get all the donations you need for equipment that works.

  43. Hi Matt / Simon

    I have followed your path from day to day.

    I’m glad that everything is under control.

    I made contact with two importants brazilian sailors who were willing to help you.

    They are Axel Grael (Partners of the Americas) and Helio Vianna (Sailboat “Maracatu”).

    If you need more help just say so.

    Good winds !

    Fernando Costa

  44. Hi Matt, is me again !

    In February 24, 2012 at 4:55 am

    I sent you a message that was not published in your blog, perhaps because they contain addresses of four other blogs … I just replace the addresses by the titles of the blogs. I believe that now the message will reach you.

    Good luck!

    Fernando Costa

    Hi Matt! The MacGyver of the Seas !

    I conveyed your message to the following blogs :


    I think it might be a good idea if your friends do the same with respect to other blogs.

    Oh, and I quoted you on my blog again.

    Courage to the “fight”, friend, and good winds

    Fernando Costa, from Cabo Frio, Brazil

  45. simon says:

    Fernando, you have been a loyal friend to Matt.
    He can’t read his posts, bit l have told him.
    Muito Obrigado,

  46. simon says:

    Talk about a kiss and ride…..20 minutes and on his way.
    lm sure we will get am update soon.
    Thank you ALL….

    • Meredith Higgins says:

      Wonderful. Can’t wait to read more.

      I checked earlier this morning, then came back to see how his path on the map had made a sharp turn. Thought the re-supply must have happened and then found your message. Great news. Thanks

    • Aunt Paula - & all says:

      20 min. ?? WOW & WOO-HOO- & YAY !!! Talk about coordination of efforts! GO Matthew !!! Sending our love & prayers !!! You’re in the homestretch now !!!! And Gramps & all of us are cheering you on all the way !!!! (Looking forward to your next blog entry!!).

    • Kate says:

      Yahoo…no pun inteneded! I swear I was “watching it happened” as the speed dropped and I was thrilled and let out an audible cheer and a big sigh of relief.

      Thank you Simon and the sailing communtiy all over for helping this super fellow on the last leg home. It is a small part of the human condition here but nonetheless lovely to see all pitch in.

      Now may Aelous send just the right winds and Neptune be kind that we may see him hauling up the Chesapeake and pulling into homeport! I hope there will be a GREART crowd to crown this wonderful achievemnet and amazing voyage!
      Fair winds Matt and seas that follow you and St Brendan as you head safely home from the sea!


    • Mom/Marlowe says:

      Could you post a list of the supplies that Matt received? It would make for good reading. . .

  47. Dan Sweeney says:

    Hello Matt. I hadnt checked in on your progress for a few months, baby on the way, so I started to read the old blogs I had missed early this morning, turns out your resupply effort looks like it is probably happening as I type. So, I bet you wont be reading this until you are back and underway, wishing you success on that delivery. I sent a bit of $ help, wish I could give you my tackle box as well , it would be better served on your journey. Regardless, It’s nice to see everyone pulling together, perhaps it is a confirmation of the human spirit we’re all looking for. I hope that optimism carries you through the lows, the fishing line tightens up for you, and the doldrums blow away for all your supporters. I imagine you will have a bunch of people smiling at the City Dock when you return, keep the optimism. Also, I hope your friend at CRAB is recovering well. All the best.


  48. StarGazer NH says:

    Matt! God Speed my friend and hope all is well for, all of America’s are cheering you on all the way home ! (Looking forward to your next blog entry!!). Note: Simon his speed on web, stopped @ 9:30 est/or the last update @14:40 GMT on a heading outward?? StarGazer

  49. StarGazer NH says:

    Simon! He’s Back on @ 15:00 GMT..LOL Must of been a cloud..LOL Thanks!

  50. Simon, is both a pleasure and an obligation to try to do something to help people like Matt Rutherford, Laura Dekker and Mike Horn. The true artists of navigation. It is thanks to them that life becomes more beautiful to us. They are my true heroes. But today I’ll drink the health of Matt Rutherford, the MacGyver of the Seas. No, more than that. Matt is a powerfull seaman. The true Gilliatt. My god, while I slept, he refueled and set off at full speed. Good, great, excellents winds Big Matt! Simon, I’m very curious to know everything that happened during this refueling operation. Please tell us everything!

  51. Al Szymanski says:

    Just looking at Matt’s path and that of Sarah Hebert ( http://windsurf-transatlantic.com/suivez-sarah-en-live/ ) the young lady crossing the Atlantic on a wind surf board, it appears that the two paths will cross, it’s just a matter of timing.
    Put in my donation today – gotta keep the young fella afloat.

  52. Marcos Medeiros says:

    The resuply operation was perfect.! It was planned to meet at 9:00 Am in a way point 4 miles out of Recife port. The first photo taked show an incredible achivement. It was 9:00 am when we get the rope from Matt´s boat since he does´t stop and continue sailing during resuply operation. It tooks less than 20 minutes and he change curse to 90 degres and sail away.
    More details tomorow morning. Good luck Matt!!!!!

    • Ron says:

      Marcos, Thank you so much for your time and effort in the resupply. Great people do great things, you did a great job.

      All the best to you.

      And now Matt, I’m sure there are a lot of people who will be waiting for you in Annapolis. Take her home and enjoy.

      • Congratulations Marcos Medeiros on having achieved the most rapid and efficient refueling that I have ever heard. Only 20 minutes?! Refueling in motion?! Amazing, fantastic, extraordinary. Best, impossible! I am proud to be a Brazilian sailor. LoL ! But we must also congratulate Matt. He certainly contributed to the success of the operation.

        Bravo and good winds to you both Marcos Medeiros and Matt Rutherford ! I already have a good reason to drink a beer tonight.

  53. Toretheviking .... says:

    A hearty congratulation to all the paticipants directly involved. HIPP – HIPP X 3 X 3 !!! A great and special sailboat show is planned for last week of April in Annapolis. Matt’s landing here will probably happen around that time. What a great event it would make with Matt sailing in as the perfect sailor/guest of HONOR during the show. Just a thought ….. ?!

  54. Cat says:

    So glad to read that the resupply went well! Great job to all involved!! Well wishes to Matt for a safe trip North.

    Cat Hadlow
    Upstate NY, USA

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