NPR Story

NPR has run a story about the trip you can accesses it at
The report says I was on anchor…… It was a mistake, I was hove-to a parachute sea anchor, I was not attached to the ground in any way. The integrity of my trip is still intact.

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4 Responses to NPR Story

  1. Celeste Di Iorio says:

    Nice story Matt. Congratulations! I see you are able to communicate a bit more now. Not so lonely? I think about you very often and am keeping my eye out for that adventurous girl!!!


  2. Stephen E. Chalmers says:

    Just heard the NPR piece and looked you up.
    Your 3rd photo, the iceberg, is a winner. The contrast, balance, contrast, everything. It’s Mont Blanc and Gebralter. It’s spectacular. Really.

    (You’re not on the edge of the Pacific gyre by any chance? You don’t see the bits of plastic I’m sure. At the vortex it is now thicker than the natural detritus/food items.)

    Tracking ya,
    Steve C.

  3. Patrick Ryan says:

    Hey Matt,
    It’s 1:12 AM CDT here @ 45.96N 91.7W – about as landlocked as you can
    be in North America – and I thought, if you’re having trouble sleeping … some words of encouragement:
    may your rigging always stay strong >>outside AND inside!

    later, Pat

  4. Colin says:

    yo dont lie you know you hitched… just playing, i know you wouldn’t put your goals in jepordy!!!!! keep your head up brother

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