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Senator Harkin spoke about Matt on the U.S. Senate floor!

Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa spoke about Matt on the floor of the U.S. Senate last Thursday. Watch the video of this interesting and heartfelt testament to Matt’s achievement!

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The Home Stretch

So the plan is to make my first landfall in Annapolis on April 14th around noon. In order for this to happen I need to enter the Chesapeake Bay by the 12th. The trip ends when I cross the finish … Continue reading

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Caribbean (Day 281 million)

It was a fast ride along the north coast of South America. I had my best run of the entire trip; I sailed 163 miles in 24 hours (thanks to strong currents). Even after sailing for 24,936 miles, day in … Continue reading

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Video of Matt during Brazil Resupply

Theres a short video of Matt taken by the Brazil resupply crew up on Youtube – check it out here: Kudos to Matt’s mom, Marlowe Macintyre, for seeing this!

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West Northwest

Sometimes the longer way is the quicker way. As much as I would prefer to be 400-600 miles offshore the winds to the north are very light. So I’m saying within 100-200 miles of the coast of South America to … Continue reading

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The Mighty Mighty Amazon

I’m three days sail from the mouth of the Amazon. I love sailing up rivers. I made it two hundred miles up the Gambia River and I bet I could make it six hundred miles up the Amazon. I would … Continue reading

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The Equator Strikes Back (23,433 miles, Day 268)

Karl Guerra is CRAB’s program director, the guy that used to pick me up in the morning so we could go around and work on CRABs boats. Karl used to have a business that saved failing business. In other words … Continue reading

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Check out the two new photos galleries from Matt’s voyage! The first one contains photos from Matt’s camera including Alaska, The Pacific, Cape Horn and his voyage up the Atlantic to Brasil. We received these photos via flash drive hand-off … Continue reading

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Recife (Day 262)

A few years ago a watched a documentary on Recife on the Discovery channel during shark week. Evidently Recife is the shark bite capital of the world (Bull Sharks) – not that I’m planned on going for a swim. To … Continue reading

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Upcoming Resupply, Matt needs your help

Unfortunately it looks all the equipment breakdowns that Matt has been dealing with will require a special resupply mission. Matt is almost without anyway to generate power right now, and the methods that he does have won’t last the whole … Continue reading

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